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Build the Right Structure in Jira Upfront

Jim - March 3, 2020 - 0 comments

In an agile transformation associates look for the magic “bullet” to make the transformation a success. In many cases people look to tools to help. The idea that tools solve people issues is problematic, but you must take the following steps to setup Jira:

  • Ensure your organization spends the needed time to establish a dynamic, yet flexible taxonomy for your teams to gain as much efficiency from Jira.
  • Have an “all-hands” meeting to ensure all team hear the same message on how Jira will be setup.
  • Appoint people who are the Jira Admins and empower them to keep needed control and service the teams.
  • Develop pro-active tools that can catch data issues and let the teams correct issues.
  • Ensure there is not a proliferation of workflows , this will cause larger issues for the stability of your Jira instance.
  • Be very careful that custom fields are not generated with out needed justification.

These are high level steps to set things up and gain the leverage that is needed from Jira. If you need assistance please contact Appsdelivered for a free consultation.

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