Marketplace Connector

Marketplace Connector

For Confluence

Atlassian Marketplace Vendor Report for Confluence is a simple yet powerful tool to manage your Atlassian Marketplace licenses and renewals. With it, you can quickly generate reports that let you see trends over time to evaluate the performance of your marketing and sales efforts.

Why choose us

The Marketplace Connector for Confluence lets you collect licensing information on the marketplace and generate reports based on your collected data. You can synchronize your customers, licenses, and renewals with Confluence via a single integration. Leverage this data to build rich insights into who is buying what licenses and where they are being used.

Synchronize with Confluence

Your data is always secure and accessible.

Save time

Reduce manual data entry tasks.

Gain deeper insights

Continuous visibility into sales and license data.

100% free

Free to use for companies of any size.

Corporate data collection

Making business processes and data management easy.

No code needed

Just create reports in a few clicks.

Generate sales And licenses reports

Get the insights you need to grow your business

With the Marketplace Connector for Confluence, you’ll have a single source of truth for your Atlassian sales and license numbers, making it trivially easy to track the success of your products, identify trends and drive more intelligent business decisions.

Generate Renewal reports

Know your renewals to see possible upcoming sales

Are you missing out on sales because you can’t tell which customers have upcoming renewals? Automate reporting of your renewal status and sales opportunities and never lose a deal again.

Enterprise Permissions

Give your business the flexibility to manage users on a role-by-role basis

we’ve built our application to be fully secure so enterprises can feel confident in deploying it company-wide. We also have security measures in place to ensure that Jira site data isn’t leaked or viewed by users who don’t have access.

You can use this add-on to generate reports by specific fields you want to see like company, country, contact email, and more.

Select Fields

Generate reports on companies with multiple licenses of your apps and see your biggest customers.

Companies with multiple licenses

We can generate reports by date and see data based on quarters, days, weeks, and months.

Report by dates

Your company’s data is safe. It is accessible only from inside your confluence instance and isn’t shared with any 3rd party.

Data security