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We are Smart Atlassian Recrtuiters

Atlassian Professionals with phenomenal time to fill & time to hire

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The first step according to Atlassian’s blog – 5-Step Strategy for Recruiting Tech Talent From Around the World, is “If you don’t have the home-grown talent you need, find out who does

We scour our deep bench of Atlassian Professionals in the U.S and around the World

We offer a free initial consultation and will perform an assessment free of charge to show our commitment to making sure your company succeeds!!

We match professionals ready to make your service engagement and success

  • • We are Atlassian ecosystem experts deeply involved in the Atlassian community.

  • • We do Atlassian consulting, create add-ons, and sell two addons on the Atlassian marketplace. WE KNOW Atlassian.

  • • We maintain a deep bench of Atlassian professionals at every skill level across many locales and time zones for temporary or permanent roles.

  • • We have helped many organizations with impossible to find Atlassian talent across all roles such as administration, consulting, project management, architecture, training, coaching, development, management, and sales.

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