Smart Time-off

For Jira

An efficient, reliable, and flexible way to approve and manage your team’s time-off requests.

Why choose us

Time-off requests are one of the crucial parts of any decent HR system. Smart Time Off allows you to eliminate paper forms and electronic inbox clutter. All time-off types, approvals, requests, and reports will be collected in one place, so you can monitor all company employees’ at one glance.

Time-Offs the Jira way

Integrating with the rest of your Jira applications simplifies how you manage time-off.

Save time

All your business trips, vacations, and personal time-off in one place.

Promote best practices

Turn your employee time-off process into a smooth and enjoyable routine.

Powerful approval processes

It involves all people in the process of planning and approval.

Corporate data collection

Easily monitor time-off requests with approvals, permissions, and data retention.

Reduce Costs

Our robust and easy-to-use application saves on HR costs through a quick workflow.

Time-off Management Made Easy

Helping Teams in Every Timezone Take Time-off

Smart Time off for Jira helps you drive powerful reporting and team accountability: Smart Time Off for Jira enables you to stay on top of your team’s pending tasks and requests. You can view upcoming time off and manage your teams like never before.

Atlassian Forge Secured

The Safest Time-off App for Jira

We’ve eliminated that risk. Our app is built with security in mind. We don’t have access to your data, so we can’t leak it either. Your time off stays private, secure, and with you, not us.

Enterprise Permissions

Give your business the flexibility to manage users on a role-by-role basis

we’ve built our application to be fully secure so enterprises can feel confident in deploying it company-wide. We also have security measures to ensure that Jira site data isn’t exposed or viewed by users who don’t have permission.

Quickly see your team’s time off, across departments, for the current week and next week.


You can effortlessly track and approve time off requests and have notifications sent directly to your slack channel.

Slack Notifications

You can now create a report with the filters of your own choice: by the requester, status, time-off start date, and more, then download it as a CSV.

Downloadable CSV reports

Track time off requests gets clear resource availability feedback, including the highest priority issues.

Jira Tasks