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Our New Service Offering

Transform 360

Transform 360 is a comprehensive package of services and products that can assist in your agile transformation. Transform 360 allows you to customize and develop a package that will fit your business needs and be able to manage your costs.


Fractional agile consultation and coaching

Fractional leadership training and consultation

Customized Training

Tool governance/strategy and reconciliation

Fractional Agile Consultation & Coaching

We at Appsdelivered realise that transforming a company to agile can be challenging. We have over 15 years of experience and want to engage with you so you can achieve success. Through our fractional services we can help. The areas where can partner with you:

  • Assessment of your transformation through our tool.

  • Planning your transformation.

  • Coaching the coaches.

  • Coaching the teams.

  • Executing the transformation and measuring.

  • Building the agile culture and the state of continuous improvement.

Fractional Agile Consultation & Coaching
Fractional leadership training and consultation-min

Fractional leadership training and consultation

In your transformation it is essential to have leaders fully bought into the approach. Agile needs leaders that have the agile mindset. We will work with your whole management team of individual members to ensure they understand and “walk the talk”. We offer the following services:

  • Team coaching.

  • Individual coaching.

We offer a free initial consultation and will perform an assessment free of charge to show our commitment to making sure your company succeeds!!

Customized Training

AppsDelivered has expert agile and tool personnel that can be leveraged to craft a customized training program. The plan can be delivered virtually and will be recorded so it can be used by other resources.

  • We can train on all aspects of agile.

  • We can train on all major tools.

  • We can offer follow up sessions and train the trainer to limit expenses.

  • We will provide the needed documentation.


Tool governance/strategy and reconciliation

Appsdelivered will provide the following services:

  • Tool assessment during and after purchase.

  • Tool governance setup and cleanup.

  • Training for admins of the tools.

  • Build of custom interfaces and tools.

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