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We Make Tools and Agile Work Together

Atlassian Tool Services

Atlassian Tool Services

Smart Issue Template

Smart Issue Template

Smart User Activity

Smart User Activity

Agile Consulting Services

Agile Consulting Services

AD Fractional Model

The AppsDelivered Fractional Model

We at AppsDelivered strive to provide cost-effective alternatives that will fit your budget. We know other firms charge large daily fees for consulting and provide “guidance” on how to make your business agile.

Our fractional model allows you to pick the service(s), the length of time you need one of our associates, so you can manage your expenses to and address the challenges you encounter.

Transform 360

Transform 360 is comprehensive package of services and products that can assist in your agile transformation. Transform 360 allows you to customize and develop a package that will fit your business needs and be able to manage your costs.

  • Fractional Agile Consultation & Coaching

  • Fractional leadership training and consultation

  • Customized Training

  • Tool governance/strategy and reconciliation


Smart Issue Templates for Jira

Issue creation made easy with a one-click template that prefills issue fields or generates a set of related issues ( i.e. epics, stories, tasks, subtasks )

  • Reduces the need of complex user documentation

  • Promotes best practices and user adoption

  • Enables alignment with corporate data governance

  • Improves business workflow, software quality and customer satisfaction

  • Reduces operations cost

Atlassian Tool Services

Atlassian Tool Services

AppsDelivered can plan your deployment, provide training .

Do you experience any performance issues or search for a way to scale the application? Entrust our experts. We are experts in detecting and fixing any bottlenecks in your application and environment.

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AppsDelivered Inc.  Twitter Feed

1 month ago
In the age of Covid-19, your agile teams can struggle to be fully remote our maturity assessment tool can help identify areas where teams can improve:-

#agile #agilematurity #agilematurityassessment #jira #agiletransformation #AgileMaturityAssessment
1 month ago
Does your organization not have metrics they can measure your move to agile? if so we can help devise specific measures-

#agile #agilematurity #agilematurityassessment #jira #agiletransformation
1 month ago
Do you have critical tasks that are in the heads of your key resources? If so use Smart Issues Template to build a library of these tasks
Click here:-

#agile #agilematurity #agilematurityassessment #jira #agiletransformation
1 month ago
AppsDelivered in excited to introduce our first every Community of Practice.


1) Introduction
2) Open discussion of any issues deemed necessary by the group

Come join us and lets learn and network with each other

Sign on here
1 month ago
Sign up for our latest webinar on how to use our Smart Issues tool.

Agenda :

1) Overview of Smart Issues Template
2) Using Smart Issues template on our Business Process Model
3) Demo of Smart Issues Template

Starts at noon est. 8-17

1 month ago
Experience means everything in the consulting business. We are prepared to bring that to our next arrangement.

@experience @Agility