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Smart Issue Templates for JIRA

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• Reduces the need of complex user documentation
• Promotes best practices and user adoption
• Enables alignment with corporate data governance
• Improves business workflow, software quality and customer satisfaction
• Reduces operations cost

Issue creation made easy with a one-click template that prefills issue fields or generates a set of related issues
( i.e. epics, stories, tasks, subtasks ).
**No prior configuration required.**
Product selection and migration off existing tools
Product implementation and integration
Product customization aligned to requirements
Third-party apps selection, implementation and configuration
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    Specialists in DevOps, Agile, and Scaled Agile transformations
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    Senior Experts with Creative Solutions
    Haven't updated for a while?
    We manage Atlassian product updates, including all your add-on's, and ensure continuing service for your users and business workflows

    Proof Of Concept
    Do you have an idea you'd like to test before starting any sort of IT initiative? We do a full-scale proof of concept to make sure your goal is achievable. Including analyzing your requirements to solution implementation, demo, testing and final approval
    Workflow Configuration & Automation
    Our experts will create and automate an effective workflow for your company.
    Gathering and analyzing your company's business process(es)

    Performance And Scaleability
    Do you experience any performance issues or search for a way to scale the application? Entrust our experts.
    We are experts in detecting and fixing any bottlenecks in your application and environment

      Our team will move all the existing data into the application and help with integrating any third-party service.
      Performing a migration between Cloud and Server instances of the Atlassian product and from other applications (TFS to Jira migration, Google Docs to Confluence migration, SVN to GitHub, etc.)

      Our development team will work with you to design, build and deliver a custom plugin that meets your needs.
      We'll develop advanced scripting, listeners, or even a tailored app.
      Once the final version has been approved, we provide support for any found defects

      Plugin Development
      Join a growing list of companies who already improved their velocity!
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      Project Management Transformation with Atlassian
      Research shows that a successfully implemented PM transformation can result in a 200% to 500% increase in team productivity!
        Create projects which follow Agile principles
        Create various velocity reports
        Configure planning tools
        Provide a step by step guide on how to work in the Agile fashion
        Train and educate your team
        Experienced in creating transformation solutions from Waterfall to SCRUM to SAFe
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        Personalized Training
        Our team designs and carries out/organizes unique training courses for each team based on the real-life case scenarios tailored to your business
        Online training (interactive webinars with Q&A)
        Personal working environment for each member
        Developing and conducting an individual program
        All the recordings and slides are included
        Technical Support Plans

        Unlimited Incidents
        2 hour max response time (critical issues)
        24 hour max response time (non-critical issues)
        Online ticket + telephone support
        24/7 coverage
        10 incidents/month
        2 hour max response time (critical issues)
        24 hour max response time (non-critical issues)
        Online ticket + telephone support
        Coverage: Mon-Fri
        9:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST
        5 incidents/month
        2 hour max response time (critical issues)
        24 hour max response time (non-critical issues)
        Online ticket + telephone support
        Coverage: Mon-Fri
        9:00 AM - 10:00 PM EST
        When uptime really matters, let us support you.

        Ad-hoc Support Plans

        Need an expert Atlassian engineer to help out from time to time?

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        About Us
        Nazar Sobchuk is the Chief Atlassian Software Architect & Co-Founder of AppsDelivered, Inc.

        He is a Certified Atlassian Expert, Agile & DevOps practitioner with over a decade of experience leveraging project management in software, marketing, finance and more than 50 other business domains.

        Nazar founded AppsDelivered Inc. to skyrocket the teams velocity and processes all over the world with the help of the Atlassian tools.

        AppsDelivered is a dedicated team of experienced Atlassian Experts and Developers who have already helped companies from over 65 countries worldwide to onboard their teams into the Atlassian ecosystem and improve the way they work and collaborate.

        Products We Support
        Create, coordinate and automate your projects with the best apps for Agile teams
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        Learn how we can evolve the way your team collaborates and improve your velocity!
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