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Smart Issue Templates

repetable processes for Jira


Managing teams done easy

Create Multiples Jira Issue with a single Click

Set Standards on how the Jira tickets should be treated

Understand your team’s workflow better

Smart issue Templates for Jira

Issue creation made easy with a one-click template that prefills issue fields or generates a set of related issues ( i.e. epics, stories, tasks, subtasks )

– Reduces the need of complex user documentation
– Promotes best practices and user adoption
– Enables alignment with corporate data governance
– Improves business workflow, software quality and customer satisfaction
– Reduces operations cost

Repeatable, Standardised Processes

Create a Hieararchy of Repeatable Issues

Set Scheduler to create Issues Automatically

Apply SIT for different use case scenarios


Set rules to follow when creating Jira Issues

Maker Sure that all of rules are followed precisely

Get a clear understanding of what is happening in your team